• Reviewed by:   on: //1/20
    This "used" to be my favorite Chinese buffet in town. However, it has gone wayyyyyyyyyyyyy downhill since it first opened. I went the other day for lunch and the food was horrible. So much MSG in all the dishes, I had an episode with my high blood pressure. Stay away.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //1/2/
    All you can eat sushi and Chinese food for around $10! I'm no sushi expert, but they had 7 or 8 different rolls and they tasted great. Plus, they kept being replaced with new sushi so you knew they hadn't been sitting out for long. Wish they had been labeled though. Everything else was delicious as well. We'll be back!
  • Reviewed by:   on: //1/19
    Discovering this restaurant was like finding the "Fountain of Youth". I have been to many Chinese buffets throughout the nation, This one ranks within the top few not to include the POSH or UPSCALE, which this place is NOT. The surroundings are wonderful, the chairs leave something to be desired as they are very straight and large. I have eaten pretty much the entire menu in the many times I have visited and have yet to find a fare I did not like. I would suggest this as an everyday hangout or a place even for the special occasion.Get up from your chair, now, and go there!
  • Reviewed by:   on: //1/14
    I went there today after church and i was like WOW. Love the food. I wish it was one by my house. Im coming back next Sunday for sure.
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