• Reviewed by: aliciacarter84  on: 01/10/2014
    Please update your coupon. Love eating their.
  • Reviewed by: Mirikitani  on: 04/09/2014
    HORRIFIC DECLINE in quality of food, cleanliness and service. Two years ago we went there for lunch
  • Reviewed by: sholaoyewale  on: 02/06/2014
    This is the WORST PLACE to eat, the food was cold and their customer service was CRAP...The food is
  • Reviewed by: Tsplan76  on: 26/09/2012
    There's no information on the coupon.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 16/12/2010
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  • Reviewed by:   on: 05/01/2009
    Adults $10.99, Kids (3-12) $7.99. It is an all you can eat Asian buffet. Sushi, fruit, general chinese cuisine. At dinner they serve Crab legs. Enjoy the food, a bit pricey if you have children. Drinks not included.?
  • Reviewed by: mybrosajn  on: 28/08/2008
    The best buffet I've ever eaten at. Food is always fresh. Great variety. Great staff. We love Bamboo Palace!
  • Reviewed by: ncamp7  on: 12/08/2008
    We eat there at least 4 times a month. Love it. Service is great, never have to ask for a refill on drinkjs as wait staff is always on top of things.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //2/3/
    Positives, the food is generally good, the selection is ample, they have a large amount of seating, and you can generally get in and out quickly. Negatives, they are a bit pricey for a buffet at dinner, and if you get the sushi on the buffet at lunch they charge you the dinner price. They always have egg fu yung on the buffet, it's always awful. I like egg fu yung, I've eaten at a lot of buffets, and I've never seen edible egg fu yung on a buffet. Why buffets always seem to want to put dishes on buffets that are only good when they're cooked to order is beyond me, but they all seem to do it to one degree or another.Not spectacular by any means, but a nice chinese buffet.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //11/2
    If you're looking for spicy food this may not be the place. But it is a nice, clean restaurant with plenty of selection (buffet) and great service.
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