• Reviewed by: fdaf  on: 13/07/2016
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  • Reviewed by: bjjenks42  on: 17/06/2016
    There was a piece of a nail sticking out of the booth we were sitting in and snagged my new shirt I
  • Reviewed by: rward11  on: 19/05/2016
    This is the worst website I've ever seen. Haven't been to the bamboo palace in a while, wanted to see the prices of the buffet. Not on the website. Looked at the coupon the website showed. Expired three and a half years ago. This has always been a good buffet, but the website is useless.
  • Reviewed by: cookingwithnene  on: 29/03/2016
    You should really upgrade your coupon. But other than that the food is pretty good
  • Reviewed by: keisha.pryor  on: 25/11/2015
    My family and I love eating here. Not bad for the price.
  • Reviewed by: wayne_blue_2000  on: 05/10/2015
    We go there regularly and have not had one bad experience.The food, staff and the atmosphere is just great..I always recommend to family and friends..
  • Reviewed by: peraltamarisela  on: 14/08/2015
    Quiero un cupón pero esta vencido
  • Reviewed by: julie.omsk  on: 08/06/2015
    Very good taste,i was enjoyed this food.
  • Reviewed by: kimmebro77  on: 09/02/2015
    your coupon expired in 2013. :(
  • Reviewed by: wilson241  on: 26/12/2014
    I just ate there after printing their online coupon from their website. Wow...its expired? How can the business promote an invalid 15 off coupon that is 18 months out of date? Food not impressive.
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